About me

Hey there, my name is Lennart. Since 2013 I create Websites with HTML and CSS. I create Discord Bots with NodeJS and learning PHP and Java.


Project Description Job Link
Karmatop.de Discord Bot & Website Managment Managment karmatop.de
SCAR Discord Administration Administration Discord-Server
4rena Community Discord Bot Development Development Discord-Server
CosmeticsMod Support & Webmanagment Content cosmeticsmod.com



Domain Description Link
lennartloesche.de Own Website lennartloesche.de
karmatop.de Website for Karmatop from Timolia karmatop.de
cloudchen.de Nextcloud cloudchen.de
community-discord.de Discord Server List community-discord.de
labyaddons.de List for offical and inoffical LabyMod Addons labyaddons.de